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Fast weight loss diets: The Scarsdale diet

Fast weight loss diets: The Scarsdale diet

Among the quick weight loss diets, the Scarsdale diet or food combining diet is one of the best known and is followed by actresses and celebrities all over the world.

The Scarsdale diet among the most popular quick weight loss diets

If you are looking for the most followed of the fast weight loss diets, you will almost certainly come to the Scarsdale or food combining diet. The large number of actresses and celebrities who follow this 14-day plan has propelled it to the top of the list of quick weight loss diets. But what are the keys to the Scarsdale diet, how does it work, what to eat in those 14 days? Let's get the answers.

The Scarsdale diet, or food combining diet.

This is one of the diets to lose weight fast, dissociated, and it is said that you can lose between half a kilo and one kilo per day (obviously depending on the particularities of each person). It should be done for 14 days and rest for another 14 days, following the maintenance plan. People with special dietary needs or special problems should abstain, since it is very rigorous. Although it is one of the most effective quick weight loss diets.

Basic Rules of the Scarsdale Diet

  • Eat exactly what is indicated.

  • Do not drink alcohol.

  • Between meals, you can eat only carrots and celery in the amount you want.

  • The only beverages allowed are: coffee, tea, soda, diet sodas.

  • Prepare all salads without oil, mayonnaise or other condiments. Use only lemon or vinegar.

  • Eat vegetables without fat.

  • Meat should be lean and chicken or turkey without skin.

  • It is not necessary to eat everything on the list but do not substitute or add anything.

  • Do not follow the diet for more than 14 days.

BREAKFAST (same for all days)

1/2 grapefruit or any fruit of the season 1 slice of protein bread Coffee or tea (no sugar, cream or milk)


LUNCH: Assorted cold cuts, whatever you like (fish, chicken, turkey, beef,...) but lean. Avoid highly processed ones like salami or sausage (bolognia) Sliced, grilled or simmered tomatoes Coffee, tea or diet soda.

DINNER: Fish or seafood (any kind) Mixed salad (leafy and vegetable), whatever you like 1 slice of protein bread Grapefruit or fruit of the season.


LUNCH: Mixed fruit salad (as much as you like) Coffee or tea.

DINNER: Grilled lean hamburger and plenty of tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, brussels sprouts or cucumber. Coffee or tea.


LUNCH: Tuna or salmon (in water or oil, but well drained) with lemon or vinegar Grapefruit, melon or fruit of the season. Coffee or tea.

DINNER: Slices of lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, celery. Coffee or tea.


LUNCH: 2 eggs (in any form and fat free) Cottage cheese, low fat Zucchini, green beans or tomatoes (sliced or simmered) 1 slice of toast. Coffee or tea.

DINNER: Roast chicken (grilled or barbecued and as much as you like) Spinach, green peppers, green beans (raw or cooked) and plenty of coffee or tea.


LUNCH: Slices of assorted cheeses (if you lose weight fast you can include some fattier ones like Brie) Spinach, whatever you like 1 slice of bread toast. Coffee or tea.

DINNER: Fish or seafood Mixed salad with as many fresh and cooked vegetables as you like 1 slice of bread. Coffee or tea.


LUNCH: Fruit salad (as much as you like) Coffee or tea.

DINNER Roast turkey or chicken Tomato and lettuce salad Grapefruit or fruit of the season Coffee or tea.


LUNCH: Hot or cold chicken or turkey Tomatoes, carrots, cabbage (cooked), broccoli or cauliflower Coffee or tea.

DINNER: Hearty grilled steak (any cut) Salad of lettuce, cucumbers, celery and tomatoes (sliced or cooked). Brussels sprouts Coffee or tea.

In the second week repeat all menus again.

At the end of the 14 days move on to the stay slim program (PMD), or maintenance plan (where you are likely to continue to lose weight). If after another 14 days you want to lose more weight, go back to the previous plan for another two weeks.

The Scarsdale Diet's Stay Slim Program or Maintenance Plan

Here is a list of what is not allowed and what is allowed on the Scarsdale Maintenance Diet:

Allowed foods:

All lean meats. All types of fish. Eggs (3 per week maximum). Vegetables, Fruits, Fruit juices. Vegetable salads. Cheese. Drinks: coffee, tea, diet sodas and skimmed milk. Condiments: mustard, pickles, olives and herbs. Sweeteners. Nuts and chestnuts. Bread (2 slices per day).

Foods not allowed:

Sugar, whole milk, ice cream and custard, chocolate and candy, cakes and canned fruits. Pasta and noodles. Butter, margarine, oils or any kind of fat. Potatoes, rice, beans, peanuts, beans and sweet potatoes. Sausages, mayonnaise or any fatty dressing.

Source: Nutrition. pro

These are the secrets of one of the best known and most effective quick weight loss diets. The Scarsdale diet. With it you can lose up to 1 kilo per day. Remember to always continue after with a hypocaloric or maintenance diet to avoid the rebound effect.

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