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Cambridge diet to lose weight fast

Cambridge diet to lose weight fast

The Cambridge diet will allow you to lose weight fast and maintain your weight loss with its maintenance diet.

The Cambridge diet. Lose weight fast and maintain weight loss

This famous diet allows you to lose weight fast after the excesses of the holidays. It is good for all of us to lose weight, get in shape and, in general, take care of our figure a little.

If you are looking for a fast and safe method to recover your figure or reach your ideal weight, there is no doubt that the Cambridge diet, the famous Cambridge Weight Plan, is yours.

It consists of eating or, rather, drinking shakes, soups, purees and porridges, made from the official products of the Cambridge diet.

It has 6 different phases so that you go from one to another depending on the objective you set for yourself. The ideal is to consult with an expert in the Cambridge diet to help you decide which one best suits your needs, depending on the weight you need to lose.

It was born in the 70s by the well-known nutrition expert, Dr. Alan Howard, from the University of Cambridge (hence its name) and since then, 25 million people have tried it. And in recent months it has become fashionable in Hollywood due to the celebrities who are following it and even its mention by the protagonists of television series that you have undoubtedly already heard.

How does the Cambridge diet work?

The 6 different phases of this diet range between 440 kilocalories and 1,500 kilocalories per day. There are hard phases during which you only eat the official Cambridge diet products, while there are other phases that also include some normal but low-calorie foods.

The good news is that all phases of this diet are nutritionally balanced. That is, they contain the amount of minerals and vitamins recommended daily.

This diet is designed to cause a slight ketosis, that is, a slight excess of ketones in the blood, due to the consumption of few carbohydrates, which favors weight loss. It sounds scary, but that way your body starts breaking down your fat to turn it into energy. It is a real fat burning diet.

However, it is very important that, if you want to try this diet, you contact a Cambridge Weight Plan specialist, who will measure and weigh you to decide which program is best for you.

The official Cambridge diet shakes, soups and purees come in practical and convenient sachets that are mixed with water. Yes indeed! They are not known for being particularly tasty.

The phases of the Cambridge diet

First phase (415 – 615 kcal daily)

This phase is called "Single Source" because throughout it one is fed exclusively based on the official products of the Cambridge diet. The normal thing is to take between 3 and 4 products and nothing more!

However, there are somewhat less strict variants. In one of them, 3 products of the diet are consumed and a normal meal of about 200 calories is taken. In the other, 4 products are taken that are complemented with 200 ml. of skimmed milk.

Second phase (810 kcal daily)

In the second stage, 3 products of the diet are combined with foods rich in protein such as skimmed milk or some vegetables.

Third phase (1000 kcal daily)

The next step is to reduce the number of products in the diet to 2 and add milk, a light breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner to the daily diet.

Fourth phase (1200 kcal daily)

Already in the next stage, although the 2 official products and milk are maintained, but instead of just salads, something more varied is eaten and dined, but always with caloric control.

Fifth phase (1500 kcal daily)

As we approach the end of the diet, only one Cambridge diet product is consumed and, in addition to the three meals of the fourth phase, we can allow ourselves a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. The experts are the ones who should suggest what each one should eat.

Sixth and last phase, maintenance phase

The last stage represents the maintenance phase. An official daily product is still taken but it begins to be eaten normally, always within the parameters of a healthy, balanced and not excessively caloric diet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Cambridge diet


Weight loss can be drastic and very sudden, so you will notice its effects quickly.

All meals are nutritionally balanced so you'll be getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

As you have a private advisor, you have the peace of mind of being in good hands.


The Cambridge diet has minimal but somewhat annoying side effects.

At first, you may have bad breath, notice a dry mouth, feel a little tired, and occasionally have dizziness, nausea, and constipation. All this, due to the lack of carbohydrates and fiber.

All of this softens until it disappears as you progress through the phase.

The day to day and the results

Your daily diet varies depending on the plan you have opted for or the phase you are in, if you decide to do them all. Some of them can only be practiced for a few weeks or months while others can be done for longer periods of time. But the truth is, in the long run, you get closer to a normal diet with every step you take.


The Cambridge diet website is full of testimonials from people who have tried it and gone from wearing a size 48 to a 40 or even lost half their weight.

Finally, remember that it is always advisable to consult a good specialist before starting any diet to lose weight fast and that it is highly advisable to ensure success in any weight loss program to accompany it with an exercise plan to lose weight appropriately.

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